Hutchinson Captial

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Our primary goal is to ensure the financial well-being of our clients by meeting or exceeding their financial objectives and expected level of service. We believe that building strong relationships is the most important factor in our business and that long-lasting relationships are built on trust, open communication, and mutual understanding. We fully expect that each of our clients will stay with us for his or her entire life and that we will continue to serve their families for generations to come.

While preservation of wealth and growth of capital are goals common to all of our clients, we recognize that each relationship is unique. Accordingly, we tailor the asset allocations of each portfolio to the specific needs of our clients based on income requirements, tax considerations, and risk tolerance. Additionally, we adjust our approach for each client as his or her needs or objectives change. Since our clients are our most important asset, we make every attempt to ensure that we are meeting their goals.

Our policy is to have annual reviews with our clients at locations that are convenient to them, often in their homes. Additionally, at all times throughout the year, our portfolio managers are available to talk or meet with our clients as new issues arise or circumstances in our clients' lives change.

We take pride in trying to make the complex simple. We make every effort to ensure that each of our clients understands fully the course that we have laid out for them and we document that course in our Investment Policy Guidelines prepared specially for each client.

Trust and respect are our most valued rewards. We believe that we earn the respect and trust of our clients (and other professionals) through our honest approach and commitment to our clients.